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June 11

People consider Lakha a faithless guy while he refutes the claim. To him, there is indeed a higher power that runs the world. Only it’s visible, physical, and is green! Lakha believes in money and nothing else. And as a result, all he wants to be in life is rich. He fools the young boys of his village and around into pyramid schemes and even wants to marry a girl who can bring a lot of parental property and doesn’t have a brother to share it with. Lakha is delighted to meet one such girl: Pooja, rich by family and even though has a brother but he is in a depressed state after an accident. But despite Lakha’s efforts, Pooja doesn’t reciprocate his advances. Not one to give up on property worth lakhs so easily, Lakha keeps wooing her. Naturally, his parents worry for him, particularly his mother who has put all her faith in God and visits the Gurudwara every day. All she can do is pray to the Lord to put some sense in Lakha.
Her prayers seem to get answered when Lakha is told by Pooja as to why she has been resisting his advances. She tells him it was because of a ghost! If it was anyone else in place of Pooja saying all this, the non-believer that Lakha is, he would have laughed his guts out but he listens on. Pooja tells him that the same ghost who haunts a nearby haveli had been behind the death of her parents and even behind the depressed state of her brother! And since her brother was always going to need someone to take care of him, she could not marry and leave him alone.
Lakha is disappointed to hear all this but he decides to help her by proving to her that no such ghost exists, not in the haveli, not anywhere in the world. He will enter the haveli tonight and will challenge the ghost to harm him. Pooja warns him but Lakha was determined.
Lakha and his reluctant friend, Daler enter the haveli only to get their minds blown when the ghost does appear. The ghost, or Bhoot Ji, as Lakha would call her, did exist and doesn’t want any good to happen with Pooja or her family.
But how will Lakha become rich as he had planned to? And what about the genuine love he feels for Pooja now? And if ghosts do exist, could he keep telling his mother that her faith was foolish?
Lakha is on the ride of his life as all his beliefs are about to come crashing down.
They say, to win in love, you have to conquer your inner demons, but poor Lakha has to conquer the outer ones as well!


June 11

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